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When times are bad, Yvonne, my dear,
When darkness hides the light,
Just reach out your hand, Sweetheart,
I'm here.

Though I can't stand there by your side,
I'm shackled to this bed,
Hold out your hand and just believe -
I'm here.

While life is mine, and strength shall last,
I'll try to make you feel
You'll never walk life's path alone,
I'm here.

When come those times that you must be
Out and away from me,
Just pause and feel my presence near,
I'm here. And so, Yvonne, I'll be with you,
Not quite the way I'd planned,
But, none the less, through thick or thin
I'm here.

By your side, where I should be,
If I could leave this bed,
My spirit walks where 'ere you go,
I'm here.

I've loved you dearly all these years,
Together's been my joy,
So, I can't feel complete, unless,
I'm here.

I hope it brings you comfort, dear,
To know how much I care,
And in this darkness you still feel,
"I'm here."

And when I'm gone and am no more,
And can't call you, Sweetheart,
To say, "Come, smile, Yvonne, my dear,
I'm here."

Then I shall search some other path
To cross that void to you,
And find a way to let you know -
I'm here.

On summer's day, when all is calm,
When nothing's stirring in the air,
A gentle breeze falls on your cheek,
I'm here.

In the darkness, as you dream,
You feel soft arms enfold you, Dear,
Don't be alarmed, it's only me,
I'm here.

And, so, I hope to be near you,
Until you cross that void,
I'll be there, calling, "Yvonne, Sweetheart,
I'm here!"

©11/10/98, William G Schoonover