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<--end of your codes for sig-8 --> '; // sig[7] = ' <--start your codes for sig-7 -->

<--end of your codes for sig-7 --> '; // sig[6] = ' <--start your codes for sig-2 -->

Send Multi-Sig To A Friend

<--end of your codes for sig-6 --> '; // sig[5] = ' <--start your codes for sig-5 -->

<--end of your codes for sig-5 --> ' ; // sig[4] = ' <--start your codes for sig-4 -->

<--end of your codes for sig-4 --> ' ; // sig[3] = ' <--start your codes for sig-3 -->
Read This First

Keep these in mind when entering your signature codes from file manager
Use Entities instead of Alt Characters.
Remeber one thing, this is Java Script. Make one small mistake and the script will not function. When you edit this page, you\'ll see my hidden messages. EX:

start your codes for sig-#
end of your codes for sig-#

Follew those instructions and save yourself alot of headache. If you are C&P you sig codes to multi-sig use your find panel to look for Single Quotes ( apostrophes )
and make sure there is no "Alt"+"Space-bar".

Try to keep each sigs under 1500 bytes. If you have a long sig, create file and use embed tag for the sig code. ( like sig-2 )

Good Luck To You.. <--end of your codes for sig-3 --> '; // sig[2] = ' <--start your codes for sig-2 -->
<--end of your codes for sig-2 --> ' ; // sig[1] = ' <--start your codes for sig-1 -->
Isn\'t multi-Sig great ?? You have 12 sigs to choose from with click of one button. No more !-- No more a mile long signature No more headache e-mailing PC users. Assign it to an F-Key, and switch signatures before going to write message page. If the signature doesn\'t change press RELOAD...Have Fun with this great tool.....

<--end of your codes for sig-1 --> ' ; // // DO NOT CHANGE ANY THING BELOW HERE !! // ____________________________________ sig[0] = ''; function max(i) { document.mailsetup.document.forms[0]. mail_signature.value = sig[i] ;[i].length } function stat(j) { window.status = show[j] } function out() { window.status = '' } //-->