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For using the Star Boulevard Transloader's
FTP Palette

1. Practice filling in the FTP Palette, below.
(Instructions are given below)

2. Practice saving and discarding cookies.

3. When ready click on "here", at the bottom to go to the next lesson.

[cookie] FTP Palette
  Server Account Account Directory  
1:     [copy]
2:     [copy]
3:     [copy]
4:     [copy]
5:     [copy]
6:     [copy]
7:     [copy]
8:     [copy]
9:     [copy]
10:     [copy]

1. In the first block of Line 1, under "Server", put "", "", "", "", or whatever is the FTP address for your homepage provider.

2. In the second block of Line 1, under "Account Name", put the ID name you use to log in on your homepage.

3. In the third block of Line 1, under "Account Password" put the password you use to log in on your homepage.

4. In the fourth block of Line 1, under "Directory":

     a. for your main directory, put
"/" for Tripod leave blank for Geocities "/incoming" for Angelfire "/" for The Globe b. for subdirectories, put
"/dirname/" for Tripod "/dirname/" for The Globe

5. Complete a line for each directory and subdiectory to which you will be transloading files.

6. Click on "Save Cookies" to save your entries. Each time you go to Star Boulevard Transloader", your entries will be there in the FTP Palette.

When ready, click here for the next lesson.