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Chocolate Lovers' Page -- All kinds of chocolate candy Collin Street Bakery -- Considered the best fruitcake in the world (it is!) Dinner Co-op -- For lovers of good food Those who like to cook or eat Electronic Gourmet Guide -- All sorts of information for gourmets: recepies, tips, etc. Patterson Farms -- Best pure maple syrup available Try maple cream (it's great!) Pralines by Leon -- Delicious "New Orleans" candy Handmade, beaten Pralines Renard's Cheese -- Wonderful, rich tasting cheese! Natural flavor, excellent price Stepstones Gourmet -- Beth's RecepiesSeveral gourmet recipes Check all around this site! Sunshine Hollow Bakery -- Fantastic Fruitcake! All pecans and fruit, no raisins TSR Recipes -- Top Secret recipes Fix famous food at home Ultimate Chocolate Guide -- More places to buy chocolate candy Very Best Cheese -- Like GREAT cheese? Go here. Info about cheese curds! Yum! Welcome to Turkey Hill -- Great ice cream, made in Pennsylvania