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Real Hourly Wage Calculator

So your boss told you that you were getting paid $10 an hour? Don't believe it! This calculator will show you how much you're REALLY profiting (after-tax, after work-related-expense takehome) from each hour you devote to working--both paid and unpaid. But wait! Before you approach your boss with this startling computation, make sure you see both sides. You know, your boss's "side" and the "outside!" ;-)

Take Home Pay
Enter your takehome pay per pay period:

Number of pay periods per year:

Time Allocated to Work
Enter number of workdays per pay period:
Enter number of paid workhours per workday:
Enter minutes of unpaid breaks per workday:
Enter minutes of work-related commute time per workday:
Enter minutes spent getting ready for work per workday:

Unreimbursed, Work-Related Expenses
Number of work-related miles you drive your own car per workday:
Other work-related transportation costs per workday:
Your share of daycare expenses per pay period:
Dining out expense per workday:
Unreimburse Work-related Clothing Expenses per month:


    Monthly TakeHome:

    Monthly Work-Related Expenses:

    Monthly Net-Profit:

    Monthly Work-Related Hours:

    Real Hourly Wage:

Now jot down your Real Hourly Wage and go see How Much Time Your Money Is Worth!

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