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How to make money with your virtual server.

Can you think of a local business or two that would like to make their products or services available to 50 million prospective buyers? Yes? Then it's actually possible for you to make money with your virtual server. How? By offering to host web pages for local businesses.

So how much money can you make? Well that depends on several factors, but the following JavaScript Calculator will give you an idea as to the income potential of running your own web hosting business. Note that the calculations are based on renting an Adgrafix Option 3 Virtual Server that comes with 50 megs of server space.

Web Hosting Income Calculator
You may need Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher to use this calculator.
Enter the average size (in Kb) of each page you will host (on my site the average page with graphics is about 33K):
Enter the average price you would charge to host each page:
Enter the average number of pages you will host for each business:
Enter the number of businesses you expect to host:
Size/Business   Total Megs Hosted
This would be your monthly hosting income after subtracting the cost of your server and a $10 monthly virtual domain hosting fee for each business:
This would be your annual hosting income:
With 50 megs of server space you could potentially host this many pages:
Total monthly income with 50-megs of space hosted:
Total annual income with 50-megs of space hosted:
Number of businesses you will need to host to cover the cost of your Option-3 virtual server and the cost of virtual domain hosting (break-even):

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