Whose Angel Wings Will I Fly On Today" 
Whose cheery "good morning!" will wake me up? Whose smile will warm my heart? 
Whose eyes will gaze cheerfully into mine? Whose lips will say "Hello"? Who will let me know I'm needed? 
Whose hands will brush my tears away?
Whose arms will give a welcome hug?
Whose song will lift my spirit?
Whose prayers will give me hope?
Who will carry me when I fall?
Whose strength will I lean on?
Whose loving words will encourage me?
Who will inspire me?
Whose compliment will I unfold?
Whose aid will send me on my way? 
Whose small act of kindness will brighten my day? Who will lend a helping hand? 
Who will lead me when I'm lost?
Whose faith will dispel my fears?
Whose ears will simply listen?
Who will just take time?
Oh, I simply cannot wait to greet
The angels I will meet today.
They may be people I already know
Or strangers I'll never see again.
Some may even become new friends
Who will be an angel to me today?
"Don't look back!
      Your not going that way" 
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